Our Vision

' A food secure nation through sustainable agricultural water management '

Our Mission

Who We Are

Malaysia National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (MANCID) was established in 1958 as a scientific, technical and voluntary non profitable organisation. MANCID act as the information center for publication and technical data on irrigation drainage and the flood control in Malaysia with the prior approval of the authority concerned.

What We Do

We organized several conferences and workshops in Malaysia’s irrigation and drainage community each year in addition to participating in ICID activities and events. Throughout the year, MANCID has been very active in organizing events and visits to Asia neighboring countries like Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand in order to make a good relationship and understanding agreement in technology transfer between ICID’s Asian Region countries.

Our Members

Membership of the Commission consists of Corporate Entities, Government Officers and Students whose roles and responsibility on the irrigation, drainage, agricultural water management and flood control. Most of the members of this committee are professionals such as planners and policymakers; water managers; irrigation and agriculture engineers; research scientists and educationists working in the related areas. Companies, institutions, and individuals can also participate in MANCID activities by being a Direct Members. Presently, MANCID membership network covers about 677 memberships nationwide.

Our Objectives