MANCO 20th: Innovations in Agriculture: Northern Victorian Irrigation Renewal Project

Mani Manivasakan[1] and Ir. C. Kamalesen Chandrasekaran[2]


The Northern Victorian Irrigation Renewal Project (NVIRP) is being implemented at a cost of AUD $2 billion in Australia to improve the irrigation delivery efficiency and achieve water savings by rationalising and modernising out-dated irrigation systems.

The NVIRP project involves automation and upgrading of channels, lining and remodelling of channels, construction of pipelines, and upgrading the accuracy of metered outlets to farms. These works, in combination with system operational changes, are expected to improve service levels to irrigators and save billions of litres of water.

This paper will focus on innovation and learnings from Jacobs’ involvement in this large scale irrigation modernisation project, adaptation of these key innovations and learnings to irrigation systems elsewhere, its relevance to Malaysia and finally, how these could assist the Malaysian irrigation industry in moving forward with implementing innovative, cost effective modernisation solutions to existing irrigation systems and developing efficient new irrigation schemes.

Keywords: Innovations, Automation, Irrigation System, Water Savings, Modernisation

[1] Principal Engineer, Jacobs Engineering Group (Jacobs® and Sinclair Knight Merz (SKM) have combined to form one of the world's largest and most diverse providers of technical, professional and construction services)

[2] Director, Perunding Mahir Bersatu Sdn Bhd (formerly known as SKM Perunding Mahir Bersatu Sdn Bhd)