MANCO 21st :Water-Energy-Food Nexus In Malaysia – An Overview Study

Hj. Ab. Qahar Osman1, Ir. Hj. Mohd Razali Husain2, Dr. Asnor Muizan Ishak3,Ir. Mohd Zaharifudin Muhamad Ali4.

Director1, Deputy Director2, Principal Assistant Director3, Senior Assistant Director4  

Division of Water Resources Management and Hydrology. 


Against the backdrop of increasing demand for strategic resources, there is evidence of inefficiency and wastage in the water, energy, and food sectors in Malaysia. The volatility of resource prices and the growing acceptance of concepts such as non-stationarity and hydrosocial cycle in the water sector, all point to emerging global focus on comprehensive resource security analysis. It is therefore timely for Malaysia to reframe its framework on natural resources governance. Currently, there is only rudimentary understanding of the complex and pervasive connections between water, food and energy security in Malaysia. A study on waterenergy-food nexus for selected river basins in Malaysia is conducted to study the current status of water-energy-food nexus and to come out with recommendation on dealing with the issue.  
Keywords: water-energy-food nexus, water-energy-food security, water for irrigation.