MANCO 21st:Water Requirement and Modern Farming in Agriculture 2016

Water Requirement and Modern Farming in Agriculture 

Clyne Hardy ak Raymond Sakor, Muhamad Syaifudin bin Omar, Mohd Razi bin Mad Amin,

Department of Agricultural, Engineering Division,  



Water is an important element in crop production. It has direct effect on the growth, yield and quality of crops. It also influences the following processes – Photosynthesis, Respiration, Absorption and Translocation. As Malaysia is a producer of fruits, vegetables and cash crops, it is important to know the water requirements in order to maximise production. According to the Agrofood Statistics (2014) by the Department of Agriculture, Crop Water Requirement for selected fruits, vegetables from 2009 – 2014 increased from 1.558 to 1.644 billion m³ / year and is projected to increase to 1.750 billion m³ / year. Although the increase in water requirements for crops is not drastic, it is crucial to remember that the amount of water is affected by the climate (Uneven rainfall pattern and drought season). As climate is unpredictable, the need to combine knowledge of water requirements for crops and modern farming methods is vital to conserve water while maximising production.