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1INWEPF STEERING MEETING HANOI 2014: Water Footprint Application for Agricultural Water Resources ManagementPaper
2INWEPF STEERING MEETING HANOI 2014 : Multifunctional Roles of Irrigation Water Management in Paddy Field and Rural AreasPaper
3MANCO 21st :Water-Energy-Food Nexus In Malaysia – An Overview StudyPaper
4MANCO 21st:Water Requirement and Modern Farming in Agriculture 2016Paper
5MANCO 21st : Greening Drainage - The Zero Discharge OptionPaper
6MANCO 21st :Development of climate-smart Decision Support System for Water Allocation at Paddy Dominant Agro-hydrological WatershedPaper
7MANCO 21st :Development And Performance Evaluation Of Tertiary Canal Water Delivery Management Model For Water Saving, Farm Machinery Management And Increasing In Farm ProductivityPaper
8MANCO 21st: Assessment Of Future Potential Water Yield At Selected Granary Area In MalaysiaPaper
9MANCO 20th : Improving Irrigation Efficiency in Conserving Water UtilizationPaper
10MANCO 20th :Technology And Innovation In Tertiary Canal And On Farm Structures And Water Delivery For Sustainable And Efficient Water Management In Small Holder Rice ProductionPaper
11MANCO 20th:Development of a green and efficient Integrated Water Management System for Small Scheme Paddy FarmPaper
12MANCO 20th : Climate change adaptation for the water sector in MalaysiaPaper
13MANCO 20th: Innovations in Agriculture: Northern Victorian Irrigation Renewal ProjectPaper
14MANCO 20th : Connecting GIS and Agriculture Water Management for Better Agriculture Strategic PlanningPaper
15MANCO 20th :Aerobic Rice: Producing More Rice with Less WaterPaper
16INWEPF :Multiple Roles of Paddy Fields - Research Project on Water Quality Improvement in Paddy FieldsReport
17INWEPF :Multiple Roles of Paddy Fields - Groundwater Assessment Study in Thirappane Cascade System in Anuradhapura DistrictReport
18INWEPF :Multiple Roles of Paddy Fields - Multi-functionality of Paddy Field over the Lower Mekong BasinReport
19INWEPF:Evaluation and Assessment of multi-functional values of Paddy Fields - Monetary Assessment of Flood and Sediment Control Functions in Paddy Fields and Balance between productivity and environmental protectionReport
20INWEPF:Evaluation and Assessment of multi-functional values of Paddy Fields - Managing Paddy Fields for Maximizing Ecosystem Services and Minimizing Negative Impacts under Climate Change.Report
21INWEPF :Best Practices to enhance Multi-functional values of Paddy Fields - Inwepf CambodiaReport
22INWEPF :Best Practices to enhance Multi-functional values of Paddy Fields - Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM) in JapanReport
23Minutes of the 10th INWEPF Steering Meeting 6th November 2013Report