Call For Paper

Call For Paper


The organizer invite the submission of papers relevant to the theme of conference: Modernizing Irrigation and Drainage for a new Green Revolution, focusing on the following Questions: .

Question 60: Water Productivity: Revisiting the concepts in light of water, energy and food nexus,

60.1 Water saving. What is possible, what is not possible?

60.2 Water footprint of crops and derived crop products

60.3 Hydropower generation in irrigation systems: sharing water and benefits

60.4 Understanding water productivity, water and energy use efficiency

60.5 Water security for growth and development

60.6 Transferring water out of agriculture: emerging issues and challenges


Question 61: State of knowledge of irrigation techniques and practicalities within given socio-economic settings

61.1 Precision irrigation management

61.2 Water use in food value chains

61.3 Modelling and remote sensing for modernization and operation of irrigation schemes

61.4 Monitor and control systems for improved operation and maintenance of irrigation schemes

61.5 Improving surface irrigation under water scarcity


The theme is appropriately chosen to set the thinking of stakeholders and practitioners in the field of agricultural water management to come up of new ideas, innovation and technologies for a brighter  future of agriculture and livelihood

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